Knitworks yarns come from the best Italian spinners. Natural fibres in luxury qualities is the base of the collection.

“To feel wool...means to feel well”

Wool and knit marry into a beautiful partnership in terms of colour, textural richness and commercial appeal.

Fine Merino wool is one of the softest and most luxurious choices for you knits. It’s superfine fibres feel gentle against your skin. It also has the ability to respond to changes in temperature, making it a great choice all year round.

Lambswool has it’s own inspiring attributes; the wool needs wash-finishing and this can be used to create interesting stitch-effects and yarn combinations.

Fancy yarns in luxury blends play an important part in the Knitworks collections. “Finding beautiful, rich yarns in refined colours is the most exciting and rewarding part of the design process”.

Linen is the natural choice for my summer knits. It has the right air of sophistication and timeless appeal.


“Writing care instructions for woollen knits, my first thought is that the wool takes care of you! So, taking gentle care of each other, the knit will become your reliable friend”

Washing: Woollen knits don’t need frequent washing. Out in the fresh air, it cleanses itself!

Hand wash in warm water with a mild soap. Rinse in same temperature water. Squeeze out as much water as possible, but do not wring or twist the knitwear. Then roll the knit in a towel and press gently. You can also spin-dry on wool program on your machine to remove excess water (no rinsing). Light knits can be machine washed on gentle hand wash program.

Drying: Lay the knit flat to dry. Shape into form. When dry, press gently with the iron. Always use steam.

Storage: Knitted garment should be gently folded and stored in drawers.

Linen knits: All the linen has been pre-shrunk before made up into garments. Hand wash in lukewarm water or machine wash on mild wash cycle. Linen becomes softer the more it is washed. Lay flat to dry and shape into form. Iron the knit while still a little damp.

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