About Knitworks

Knitworks is a Finland based knitwear company with Anna Ahlqvist as the designer/producer. “There is something so fascinating about knitwear; starting from an inspiring yarn, you have endless possibilities to create your knits. I hope that my passion for knitwear can be seen in the collection”.

“In maglia è meglio; in knits we feel better” has been the company’s motto from the start. “I want to design knits that are easy to wear. They should have the right mix of a relaxed and representative look, a style that can easily be dressed up or down". It is also a challenge to design knits that work well for different body-types and different looks. Knitwear give great opportunity to this."

With a background as a designer for the knitwear industry, Anna finds working close to the production rewarding. It enables an active cooperation between designer, factory and customer. It also allows her to experiment with yarns and ideas and to find new technical solutions. “I love to combine materials and different yarn types”. Often, I let the yarn speak for itself in the designs.

The knits are produced in small series and the production is kept as local as possible. “This feels ethically right. It is good to be able to name those who stand behind each knit”. The knits are not designed for just one season; a long-lasting design is part of our ecological responsibility. The combination of high quality yarns, refined classic elements and a strong personal style make Knitworks stand up to the time.

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